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Water factory and the brewery 1920-1930

Kemi Brewery 1920-1930. Heikki Tuomisto, a family and personnel of the Brewery
Kemi Brewery 1920-1930. Heikki Tuomisto, a family and personnel of the Brewery

In 1920 The Worker's Union established the Water factory in Kemi, Lapland. A chief, the constructor and the Brew master was Heikki Tuomisto. He started to build a bit bigger factory and the brewery just across his living house on Valtakatu, and so it became the Brewery, which was profitable, and collected workers and bourgeoisie as clients. There were a water well at the same place. Heikki's children made homework at the same place, while guests visited the bar, and the brewery.

The beer was made from burnt and unburned barley, including porter. In the 1930s, the factory had to be sold to Tornio Brewery, when, according to historiography, it became the source of Lapland's Gold, a brand "Lapin Kulta".

One of Heikki's children, Terttu Tuomisto (1921-2017), has written an autobiography in which she has also told the story of the entire brewery. Terttu had to move to the Soviet Union in 1933 and did not return to Finland until 1986, during Mikhail Gorbachev's presidency. Paavo Tuomisto (1949-2020), one of Tertu's children, was born in Vladivostok, where he started a family. Now the descendants of Terttu and Paavo living in Finland have decided to revive the beer production bearing the name of Kemi and thus respect the life work of the deceased relatives and the city's drinking traditions.

The new beer brand has been named "Old Kemi". Although the beer is from southern Lapland, the first production will start at the UGB brewery in Lohja, as its operating model strongly supports the novice beer makers.


The cooperation with UGB starts

UG Brewery has been producing and selling Old Kemi beer since December 10, 2020, thanks to its human concept and the opportunity to turn tradition into success in small steps. In December 2020, there will be 3 different flavors at once.

Because this happens exactly 100 years after the story begins - the bottles and cans bear the 100th anniversary mark, which comes only to the following beers: porter in a bottle, dark wheat and stout cans, just to celebrate the anniversary.

    Planned steady growth and development 

    Old Kemi launched it's share issue and the crowdfunding campaign in cooperation with FUNDU platform. The share issue is active between 1.2.2022 and 31.7.2022. Invest today via FUNDU platform!

    Old Kemi has a plan to establish a Brewery in Kemi, in old Post building in 2022. A production capacity will be about 200 000 l/ year at the beginning, and we hope to grow up to 500 000 l/ year in 5 years.

    You can order products directly from UGB sales, its store in Lohja, or Old Kemi shop

    You can also invest into the Brewery via our own web page, following instructions.

    Please ask for more info from the Founder Ivan Kalishevich: toimisto@oldkemi.fi 

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