The soul of Lapland

OLD KEMI a new brand - old history

BEER from 1920


A "water" factory in Kemi - city, Lapland, which became a Brewery

The Worker's union established a soft drink factory in Kemi, Lapland, in 1920. Heikki Tuomisto was the contractor, the chief and the brew-master of the soft drink and brewery factory on Valtakatu street, right across the road, where he lived with this family. He had to sell the Brewery away in 1930, and moved to Soviet Union..




Heikki's grandson made a decision to restart the brewing activity in 2020. First 3 beer tastes are ready in December 2020, and Old Kemi will actively grow. First Years we will cooperate with United Gypsies Brewery, Finland, and we aim to open our own Brewery in several years. In Kemi, Lapland, of course.

Old  Kemi


For consumers

Old Kemi Dark Wheat beer

5,5%, 0,33 l can

Old Kemi Stout 

4,8%, 0,33 l can

Old Kemi IPA

5,4% 0,33 l can

Old Kemi Porter

7,5%, 0,33 l bottle

The manufacturer of Old Kemi is UGB, Lohja, the address of sales point is: Hemmolankatu 26 B, 08150 Lohja, Finland

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For the Retail

We offer for dealers and distributors: Dark Wheat Beer, Stout and IPA

Old Kemi dark wheat beer, stout and IPA
Old Kemi dark wheat beer, stout and IPA


For professional retailers: HORECA, Retail


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  • Old Kemi Porter 7,5% keg 30 l. + tap
  • Old Kemi Stout or dark wheatbeeer 0,33 cans.

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